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7 K Artworks – Pixar Theme – set 3 1

A little less childish but always Pixar nonetheless.

  1. k-hippie
    • Decoration
    Creative Commons
    Iconic artworks from an iconic movie !

    A little less childish, these artworks are based on great icons work for Android made by Leo Natsume
    Representation and metaphors of toys for apps on smartphones, they are beautiful and original : the kind of artwork you want bigger than 240px :D

    So, we used Leo Netsume work to fit on Artworks for Sims.

    We worked on it thinking about kids world. We made at first these artworks more for a kid’s room than for any other room indeed ;)

    It is our FIRST work really themed for kids and we hope you’ll enjoy it !

    we took care a lot of textures ( as usually ) and more : we created BOTH lean and wall art for the pleasure of your Sims :)

    So, here are 7 Wall framed and 7 Leaning framed.

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a brand new mesh :)

    Category : Buy > Decorations > Paintings / Sculptures
    Price : 350§

    Toy Story & Monsters Inc. belong to Pixar Studio

    khippie-pixar-artwork-set3-01.jpg khippie-pixar-artwork-set3-02.jpg khippie-pixar-artwork-set3-03.jpg khippie-pixar-artwork-set3-04.jpg khippie-pixar-artwork-set3-05.jpg khippie-pixar-artwork-set3-06.jpg khippie-pixar-artwork-set3-07.jpg khippie-pixar-artwork-set3-08.jpg