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7 K Beddings – New Kid in Town – sets 1 to 4 1

A new bedding for single bed. This bedding has good-looking textures after an overhaul on the UV Map

  1. k-hippie
    • Bedroom
    Creative Commons
    Gather around boys and girls : we have new beddings for you !

    Here is a collection of 28 beddings for all the kids around. Various patterns and colours, all tastes are served ;)
    We hope for this first set for kids you’ll like it.

    28 mattress-only compatible with all separate bedframe. Thanks to annachibi

    But that is not the most important with those beddings. What is more important is the technical side. The mesh has a brand new UV Map. We used the same technique as for the double bed. This is of high importance because the UV Map spreads entirely on the mesh. Previous single bed only used half UV Map ( approx. 512 ) We updated it to complete 1024 x 1024.

    In clear, the texture is better distributed on the mesh. Which means the texture is better looking !

    Fully kid-tested

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a brand new mesh

    Credit to annachibi for single bed mattress with max stats and k-hippie

    Category : Buy > Comfort > Beds
    Price : 450§

    Monsters Inc. belong to Pixar Studio
    Android logo belong to Google

    khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-01.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-02.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-03.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-04.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-05.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-06.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-07.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-08.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-09.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-10.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-11.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-12.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-13.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-14.jpg khippie-kidintown-bedding-sets1234-15.jpg