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7 Paintings – classiKa – volume 1 1

Before pixels and internet, there were painters and paintings

  1. k-hippie
    • Decoration

    Today we are bringing classical art to your Sims house. Classical art is timeless, Sims like a lot to get some beauty for their insides because, they remember … before pixels and internet, there were painters and paintings ;) So, here are 7 paintings recolours in this volume 1 with a nice dark wooden frame in true “bois de rose”. Your Sims can show them to their friends next time you throw a party ! :D

    Artists in the spotlight :
    • Paul Klee
    • Kasimir Malevitch
    • Vassilli Kandinsky
    • Frank Bowling
    • Paul Ackerman
    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a pure clone of a Maxis object …

    imago-classika-painting01-vol1.jpg imago-classika-painting02-vol1.jpg imago-classika-painting03-vol1.jpg imago-classika-painting04-vol1.jpg imago-classika-painting05-vol1.jpg imago-classika-painting06-vol1.jpg imago-classika-painting07-vol1.jpg