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7 Paper Walls – Pixel Everywhere – volume 1 1

Paint is so hard to pick.

  1. k-hippie
    Wall Type:
    • Wallpaper

    Paint is so hard to pick. One simple colour can be so … limited sometimes. Sure, one can add posters and paintings on the wall but you know … how about a full wall of art ? A pattern that repeat itself to the limit of the room. The problem is now to pick the right pattern. This set is complete of original and unique patterns. A bit of retro, a bit of vintage, so totally en vogue right ? Yeah … try it, you’ll love it !

    The patterns look good in all three heights … They don’t just stretch to fit, they were made in three different sizes and are really seamless in every direction : up, down, left and right.

    k-imago-pixelpaper-01-vol1.jpg k-imago-pixelpaper-02-vol1.jpg k-imago-pixelpaper-03-vol1.jpg k-imago-pixelpaper-04-vol1.jpg k-imago-pixelpaper-05-vol1.jpg k-imago-pixelpaper-06-vol1.jpg k-imago-pixelpaper-07-vol1.jpg
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