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7 Sharp Wood Walls – What Else – volume 1 & 2 1

Rustic is authentic

  1. k-hippie
    Wall Type:
    • Paneling

    Rustic is authentic. Wood is life. Life is a lost cabin in the forest ! Strength is battling Nature everyday ! Well, it can also be a nice apartment in town too with wooden walls so rustic you can’t barely touch it without getting wards all your fingers. Get 14 recolours of sharp wood walls ( 2 volumes of 7 walls each ) … for your Insides AND Outsides !

    The patterns look good in all three heights … They don’t just stretch to fit, they were made in three different sizes and are really seamless in every direction : up, down, left and right.

    imagowallsharpwood01-volume1.jpg imagowallsharpwood01-volume2.jpg imagowallsharpwood02-volume1-2.jpg imagowallsharpwood03.jpg imagowallsharpwood04.jpg imagowallsharpwood05.jpg
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