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7 Tiled Floors – Aged Vintage – volume 5 1

Our Grandma’s kitchen. In different tones.

  1. k-hippie
    Floor Type:
    • Tile

    Don’t you love entering a place with old tiled ? Don’t you like to think that someone chose to install such floor in mind that it will stay ? Those aged tiles have muted and vivid colours at the same time. It is time or is it the sun that aged them ? Was it intented that way ? Who knows …

    All seamless, in every direction.

    hippie-k-floor-agedvintage-01.jpg hippie-k-floor-agedvintage-02.jpg hippie-k-floor-agedvintage-03.jpg hippie-k-floor-agedvintage-04.jpg hippie-k-floor-agedvintage-05.jpg hippie-k-floor-agedvintage-06.jpg hippie-k-floor-agedvintage-07.jpg
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