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7 Toasters - Clutter Sputnik - volume 2 1

Retro toaster for modern or in-theme kitchen.

  1. k-hippie
    • Kitchen & Appliances
    • Decoration
    khippie-sputnik-toaster-01.jpg khippie-sputnik-toaster-02.jpg khippie-sputnik-toaster-03.jpg khippie-sputnik-toaster-04.jpg khippie-sputnik-toaster-05.jpg

    Don't tell us you don't remember the flying toasters ! Since we are living in an era of goodies and nostalgia, have the flying toasters from the famous screensaver in your kitchen ( well … almost since we didn’t add the wings :D )They don't fly but they are fabulously looking cool :)

    Chromed and colorful, pick one ( or all ) of the seven variations and have your kitchen be the place to hang out. Learn to eat toast again ! Have a breakfast in family. Brunch on Sunday morning. Ok, the Flying Toaster doesn't toast yet. Don't let that small detail stop you !

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a 8-3 object converted from the Sims 3, re-meshed ( to get lower polygons ) :)

    Expansions : Base Game
    Contains : 1 combined package
    Category : Buy > Decoration > Clutter
    Price : 125§