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7 Walls – Concrete Beton No6 – set 6 version 3

Cement or concrete are not really the same but they are complementary

  1. 7 Walls – Concrete Beton No6 – set 6

    New walls and new textures so ... new photos !
    Also, we've separated set 5 & 6. Don't worry, set 5 will come back :)
    In the meantime, have fun !

    k-wall-concrete-beton-no6-01.jpg k-wall-concrete-beton-no6-02.jpg k-wall-concrete-beton-no6-03.jpg k-wall-concrete-beton-no6-04.jpg k-wall-concrete-beton-no6-05.jpg k-wall-concrete-beton-no6-06.jpg


    1. k-wall-concrete-beton-no6-07.jpg
    2. tek-hippie-k-wall-concrete-beton-no6-set6-00.jpg
  2. Combined volume + new volume

    We are updating our serie of Concrete and Cement Walls. This mean that initially this thread was for volume 3 and you are now seeing Volume 5 and Volume 6 ... You are not mistaken and we are not either.

    If you have volume 3, go check out the appropriate thread about it : it was updated :D
    If you like our serie of Concrete and Cement, check it out, those are two new volumes !