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7 Walls – Mineral Lime Vintage – set 1 version 2

Mineral lime just have this special feel of classy.

  1. k-hippie
    Wall Type:
    • Masonry
    • Stone
    tek-hippie-k-wall-mineral-lime-vintage-set1-00.jpg tek-hippie-k-wall-mineral-vintage-set1-01.jpg tek-hippie-k-wall-mineral-vintage-set1-02.jpg tek-hippie-k-wall-mineral-vintage-set1-03.jpg tek-hippie-k-wall-mineral-vintage-set1-04.jpg tek-hippie-k-wall-mineral-vintage-set1-05.jpg tek-hippie-k-wall-mineral-vintage-set1-06.jpg tek-hippie-k-wall-mineral-vintage-set1-07.jpg

    Up to this volume, we had show you mineral lime walls as perfect.
    Surprise : we mixed them with some brick and here is the result. The mineral lime is fading out, giving you a wall with a complete worn out style. Ha ! Isn’t that perfectly vintage ?

    Vintage is well looked at in the south. It is Time, it is Wisdom. It is the timeless nap of the afternoon under the burning sun. It is the laughter of the cousins in vacation. It is the everyday life. It is Life itself.

    Feel the peace and take the time to live.

    The patterns look good in all three heights … They don’t just stretch to fit, they were made in three different sizes and are really seamless in every direction : up, down, left and right.
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  1. 7 Walls - Mineral Lime Vintage - set 1

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  1. Ceres
    Version: 1
    These are BAD ASS! I love them!!! Thank you for making them and for sharing them! So gritty and full of textured awesomeness. Just awesome!