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7 Walls - Fabric Tissea aka Taped - set 3 version 2

Fabric ? Straw ? Well … it’s sew on the wall. It is original, particular, it is special.

  1. 7 Walls - Fabric Tissea aka Taped - set 3

    The textures have been updated :D
    New photos to show more of it :)

    Have fun !

    k-wall-fabric-tisseatape-01.jpg k-wall-fabric-tisseatape-02.jpg k-wall-fabric-tisseatape-03.jpg k-wall-fabric-tisseatape-04.jpg k-wall-fabric-tisseatape-05.jpg k-wall-fabric-tisseatape-06.jpg k-wall-fabric-tisseatape-07.jpg tek-hippie-k-wall-fabric-tissea-tape-set3-00.jpg