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7 Wood Floors - NeoTokyo - volume 1 1

Looking for a polish floor ? Not glaze, but polish. Wood that you wax every six months or so.

  1. k-hippie
    Floor Type:
    • Wood
    We like rough wood, we like it rustic, raw, as if the tree had been laid out directly on the floor. But for once, when we did the Nihon Set, we wanted something more light, more refine, really worked out. Something that could show the differences between tek or cherry, along with colour. Not glazed but polished with wax, something smooth. Yes, we love wood. Wood is organical, wood is real !

    Note : Yes, this set already exists as the Nihon Floor but this is repack. The Nihon Floor has 6 variations as this pack have 7 and is a 7in1 package. It is reworked from the previous version too.

    True seamless, in every direction.

    hippie-neotokyofloor-vol1-01.jpg hippie-neotokyofloor-vol1-02.jpg hippie-neotokyofloor-vol1-03.jpg hippie-neotokyofloor-vol1-04.jpg hippie-neotokyofloor-vol1-05.jpg hippie-neotokyofloor-vol1-06.jpg hippie-neotokyofloor-vol1-07.jpg
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