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Adele Kitchen by Stefizzi 1

A kitchen inspired by TS2 Adele.

  1. Stefizzi
    • Kitchen & Appliances
    • Decoration
    Additional Requirements:
    I strongly suggest the use of some omsp: severinka, kitkat
    Hello! This is my first set of objects, I choose a kitchen because I needed something like this in my game, and I decided to share it.
    This set took me a lot of time and effort, and still it is not perfect, I really hope you will like it as much as I do! :D

    • Counter, 200 simoleons
    • Island, 200 simoleons
    • Chair, 50 simoleons
    • Dishwasher, 550 simoleons
    • Kitchen Boxes, 30 simoleons
    • Cushions, 30 simoleons
    • Potted-piary Plant, 70 simoleons
    • RAW bathroom shelf Plant, 50 simoleons
    • Scientific Berry Fronds Plant, 25 simoleons

    If you have any question you can reach me at my tumblr: http://stefizzi.tumblr.com/

Recent Reviews

  1. emmaLucy
    Version: 1
    love the open shelving & drawers. It really is optional for clutter & looks like a real kitchen would!
  2. Vertigo
    Version: 1
    Nice. Thanks
  3. Vampexx
    Version: 1
    Beautiful kitchen set, great job! thanks :D
    1. Stefizzi
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the message! I'm really glad you liked it!! Lots of love <3