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AMR Oriental Ladies 2021-01-11


  1. BigUglyHag
    • Dining
    • Miscellaneous
    Please follow sadepaivas TOU: https://sadepaivas.tumblr.com/tou
    These are technically "dining chairs". I did not change the footprint of the Sims 4 chair so that the ladies could be placed close together easily without using cheats. (So the Sims do walk through parts of the ladies when they approach them.)
    01-10-21_5-38-31 PM.png
    01-11-21_10-51-45 AM.png 01-11-21_10-52-37 AM.png 01-11-21_10-53-54 AM.png
    This was converted from sadepaivas sims 2 version.