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ANGER - pose pack #9 1.0

angry poses for poseplayer

  1. Akuiyumi
    Latest patch
    Additional Requirements:
    Teleport Any Sim Mod
    Copertina 00.jpg

    24 Angry poses for your sims!
    The poses are unisex and work perfectly with sims that have sliders close to 0 (standard sims).
    Some poses share the same facial expression and have only minor changes (like the look direction).

    If you want to use the sit poses on a chair without a table, put the teleporter statue in the same place of the chair following the game grid.
    I you want to use the sit poses on a chair with a table, you will have to manually put the teleporter statue (moving the statue keeping pressed Alt) a the centre of the chair.
    Please notice that the sim legs may have clipping issues due to the mesh of tables and chairs you use.

    Copertina 01-05.jpg Copertina 06-11.jpg Copertina 12 - 17.jpg Copertina 18-20.jpg Copertina 21-24.jpg Copertina Expr.jpg