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Bathroom Decor 2016-05-17

Veranka's Io Bathroom Decor Recolors

  1. deelitefulsimmer
    • Bathroom
    Hello my fellow simmers!

    I decided after I posted my rugs, that I needed more decor to match. So I bring you some recolors of Veranka's bathroom decor from her Io bathroom decor part 2 set. You will need to download her meshes in order for these to show up in your game. Specifically, you will need these files:
    • [Veranka] Io Decorative Towel Hanging A
    • [Veranka] Io Decorative Towel Hanging B
    • [Veranka] Io Decorative Towels A
    • [Veranka] Io Decorative Towels B
    • [Veranka] Io Tissue Box
    The soap dispenser is from the base game.

    Please excuse my horrific Photoshop skills XD Enjoy!
    d.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
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