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Belle Vista Hotel 1.0

A grand hotel for any experience your sims may have.

  1. SimsOMedia
    Required Sims 4 Game Packs:
    • Outdoor Retreat
    • Spa Day
    Additional Requirements:
    CC list:
    Bedroom Angel Ceiling lighting by Severinka
    Fan light by @simista
    Magnolia Branch Painting by Sweetswami 77
    Override saucer light by @allisas
    02-07-16_10-20-32 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-20-46 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-21-19 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-21-37 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-21-44 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-21-54 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-22-00 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-22-12 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-22-18 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-22-31 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-22-42 PM.jpg 02-07-16_10-23-00 PM.jpg
    I’ve had this hotel in my game for a while, but as new expansions have come out I’ve needed to renovate certain sections. The hotel consists of a rooftop cafe, 4 suites with a balcony, lobby, basement club room, fitness center, sauna, hideaway hot tub, pool, wellness area, art, logic, and wedding venue. This lot works as a nightclub or museum, whichever one fits your fancy. I believe it also works as a lounge but I haven’t tried it that way.
    Hopefully you all like it and use it as much as I have.
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