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Women's Bfly Sims Hairstyle 179 Retexture Fixed file pls redownload

Standalone Retexture / Custom Thumbnail

  1. maimouth
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    Hair Type:
    • Regular Hair
    new preview.jpg I’ve included 43 swatches. The 1st 26 are the ones I use on my sims. If you follow me or have seen my pics, you know what I mean :) The other ones are more shiny looking. Both of them use pooklet textures as a base, but on the last 17 I used pooklet actions as well, that’s why they’re more shiny. I’ve kept both versions so you could have more options.

    The mesh is included cause the package file from the original creator is broken at the moment. At least it doesn’t work for me cause it’s not even a package file when I downloaded it.