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Blackmoor Manor 2016-02-17

A Fourteenth Century mansion haunted by a tragic past.

  1. Mango
    Lot Type:
    • Residential
    Required Sims 3 Expansion Pack:
    • World Adventures
    • Ambitions
    • Late Night
    • Generations
    • Pets
    • Showtime
    • Supernatural
    • Seasons
    • University Life
    • Island Paradise
    • Into the Future
    Tested on Windows 8.1
    Linda recently married Hugh Penvellyn, a British diplomat, and moves into Blackmoor Manor, a Fourteenth Century mansion that has been passed down through the Penvellyn family for centuries. Hugh travels a lot, so the only people at the Manor with Linda are Hugh's aunt Mrs. Drake, Hugh's daughter Jane, Jane's tutor Ethel, and a historian by the name Nigel who is currently researching the Manor. The thing is, ever since Linda moved in, her health has gone downhill and no one seems to know why...

    Screenshot-25.jpg Screenshot-31.jpg Screenshot-26.jpg Screenshot-29.jpg
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