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Brian's Gift Beta

WIP (the DST images are blank grey)

  1. BigUglyHag
    • Miscellaneous
    This is the Sims 3 Ep08 gift party pile as a bookshelf.

    04-29-17_11-17-59 AM brians gift 50.png

    I converted this as a gift for a man named Brian....whom is just a random guy that I felt the need to send a book to. Some of you are very understandably not going to like Brian because he has done some horrible things. He was tried as an adult and convicted of those things when he was sixteen years old. (He is 40 now)
    I really can't explain to you what is is that made me feel the need to send him a book....I just knew "Brian needs needs a book"... and that I would know which Brian it is when I saw the list of Brians.

    I didn't expect a response at all....in fact it was entirely possible that Brian would not approve of someone named "Sarita" invading his space out of the blue with a book. I put a whole lot of blind faith into Brian and sent him a book anyway. (I'm just weird like that....don't try that yourself because it is obviously very risky.)

    Guess what?! I did get a response from Brian. He not only thanked me for the book, he promised to pay this "random act of kindness" forward and do something nice for someone else. He was mad at the world for a long time....but today he is trying very hard to be a better person. He might not be perfect....but I don't believe we should give up on him. So I am leaving this gift here for him.

    It will take a whole lot more work than this gift is worth for him to get it. He will have to make parole, get a job, buy a computer and Sims 4... and download this thing. That is a lot of work for a tiny payoff....but I hope he does it anyway. In the meantime, he is gonna have to share, and we will all play with his gift. To bad for you Brian! :p

    If you have any words of encouragement (nothing mean) I will be happy to pass those along.