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Caged Light Set 2016-03-27

Updated set of Caged Lights

  1. ThingsByDean
    • Lighting
    Please Ask.
    Main.jpg 03-26-16_6-21-55 PM.jpg Here we go again!
    The CAGED LIGHTS are back, including two brand newbies! As with my last download I put up the Reclaimed Sofa, I have gone through and updated these babies, for this redux collection. They should look better and work better.

    I have also gone ahead and treated you lovely simmers with an entire rainbow of extra swatches to choose from. Let me know what you think?

    NB: If you have any of the old files in your mods folder make sure to delete them first before adding the new ones.

    Download Single Files: Caged Light - Separate
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Recent Reviews

  1. SMagGeorge
    Version: 2016-03-27
    I really like these, awesome work!!