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Carpets Galor 1.0

My First Recolor!

  1. Rachel's Sim Stuff
    • Textiles & Rugs
    eeeeeeeeeep. I’m so excited for this, even though it’s nothing special at all. I’m so excited to have finally learnt to recolor things. There will be more coming, probably some more easy things like paintings and rugs for now until I get better. Tried doing kitchen counters and they just won’t work D:

    Anyway, if you’d like to download these they are available here.

    Please let me know if there are any issues with these!


    1. tumblr_nrtfb6qHFu1uyz8pjo1_1280.png
    2. tumblr_nrtfb6qHFu1uyz8pjo2_250.png
    3. tumblr_nrtfb6qHFu1uyz8pjo3_1280.png
    4. tumblr_nrtfb6qHFu1uyz8pjo4_1280.png
    5. tumblr_nrtfb6qHFu1uyz8pjo5_1280.png
    6. tumblr_nrtfb6qHFu1uyz8pjo6_1280.png
    7. tumblr_nrtfb6qHFu1uyz8pjo7_1280.png
    8. tumblr_nrtfb6qHFu1uyz8pjo8_1280.png
    9. tumblr_nrtfb6qHFu1uyz8pjo9_1280.png
    10. tumblr_nrtfb6qHFu1uyz8pjo10_1280.png
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