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Castaway Stories Crib As a Toddler Bed Beta.01

WIP (the DST images are blank grey)

  1. BigUglyHag
    • Children
    I moved the crib's rails down and kept the Sims 4 mattress on the bed.
    01-14-17_1-30-35 PM bed.png

    My good friend SG5150 was kind enough to teach me how to separate the mattress from the frame, so I added a separated version. Keep the one you prefer.

    I am proud to say this was made in Blender.

Recent Reviews

  1. Crystal Cummings
    Crystal Cummings
    Version: Beta.01
    One of my favs! I'm having trouble getting any toddler to actually sleep in the separated one since the parenthood (they will nap). This had NOTHING to do with your bed. The mod that set all comfort levels to 10, even the updated version that was distributed right after parenthood dropped.. caused all my bed problems. I'm so happy to be able to use this full on again. LOVE IT!
    1. BigUglyHag
      Author's Response
      :D I'm glad you like it and got the problem fixed! I have been thinking about editing this mesh again to make a single bed with it for the older kids,