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Castaway Stories Temple Ruins Beta

WIP (the DST images are blank grey)

  1. BigUglyHag
    • Decoration
    • Miscellaneous
    Haggy's Birthday gift to you:
    Castaway Stories Temple Ruins 12 pieces.
    05-30-16_8-08-37 AM.png

    This large piece's footprint does not match the object. I did not use the automatic footprint sizer on it because I want Sim's to be able to go inside of it. Use plants or other objects around it to prevent Sims from walking through the walls.
    05-29-16_1-55-52 PM.png
    These three pieces are "end tables" with slots.
    05-29-16_1-58-30 PM.png
    There are several wall sections. I tried to make the wall pieces look reasonably acceptable. It was very hard to tell the correct placement of the textures, so I just did what looked good to me.
    05-29-16_1-59-49 PM.png
    I also converted some bonus pieces that will be posted separately so that there are coordinating pieces to create a "National Park" lot.
    Get the chimps from tankai88.

    The thing I really like about this set is that it looks like it belongs on the island in Windenburg. The ruins look very similar to some of the ruins in with the rocks:
    07-03-16_6-31-52 PM.png

    Enjoy! :D
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