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Changeable hair for Plant Sims 1.1

change your plant sim hair freely

  1. G1G2.
    PC: / Mac:
    This is for those simmers who want to change their plant sims hair without being restricted to one hair, thus you could chose between any type and color for you sim.
    04-15-17_11-42-03 PM.png
    The Rar contain two packages
    -the first is for your played family
    -the second is for those npcs that provide you with beans ( only add this if you want them to have there normal hair as in it being not green like their skin)

    Have fun and enjoy, i will be back soon revamping the whole plant sims life state.
    this mod was used by this great youtubers check the videos if you want to see the mod working

    made with s4studio
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  1. Anichelle
    Version: 1.0
    this is very helpful since we are not able to change their hair