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Men's Chris Redfield (Re-1 and Re-5) 2019-01-17

More Resident Evil/Biohazard sims

  1. deathbywesker
    • Young Adult
    PC / Mac (They should still be compatible with future updates.)
    Additional Requirements:
    As the title says, these versions of Chris are based off those games Re 1 (Remake) and Re 5. Honestly, I'm not completely happy with how they turned out but thought you ladies and gents might enjoy them anyway. They were going to be a Christmas gift but the outside world had other plans.

    Resource List (Updated): *It's important that you have the cc I listed in your game first before you add these sims to your household. Some content I listed is optional but not required.*

    Chris Redfield Re-1 & Re-5 CC List: *All other cc links are in the resource list.*

    Missing CC items: (If you already have these items in your game then you don't have to add them again)

    You can find more Resident evil outfits over at Zulf Cepzid and Plazasims.

    *I removed my terms of use, so feel free to do whatever you want, you don't have to ask me. Ignore my old terms of use if you're downloading from any other platforms I've shared my cc or sims.*

    If there are any issues please let me know.
    *To add him in your game, simply unzip the folder with 7-zip or WinRar and put the tray files into your tray folder.*


    1. Chris Redfield (Re1).png
    2. Chris Redfield (Re5).png