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City Living Rug with More Colours 2017-03-10

Needs City Living installed

  1. DollFaceSim
    • Textiles & Rugs
    Required Sims 4 Expansion Pack:
    • City Living
    It has been some time since I've made any CC. so I decided to add more colours, to my favourite rug in the game.
    • Standalone recolor
    • 97 swatches (I was really bored)
    • Need City Living to work!
    Here's just some of the recolors I like better:
    Untitled.png _Untitled_-Clipboard.png _Untitled_-Clipboard__1.png _Untitled_-Clipboard.png _Untitled_-Clipboard__1.png _Untitled_-Clipboard__2.png _Untitled_-Clipboard__3.png _Untitled_-Clipboard__4.png


    1. _Untitled_-Clipboard__5.png
    2. _Untitled_-Clipboard__6.png
    3. _Untitled_-Clipboard__7.png
    4. _Untitled_-Pasted_Layer.png