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Women's Clayified Maargareth’s Parallel Hair [NEEDS MESH] 3.0

Clayified Maargareth’s Parallel Hair [NEEDS MESH]

  1. Maargareth's Parallel Clayified REDUX

    The original of this is no longer supported by me, It was my first retexture and I hated it, It had me dreading to ever consider doing retextures for hair again. HOWEVER i did revisit it and decided to redo it, Teh hairline looks much cleaner in the Redux venison than the original retexture.

    It's also 18 swatches in teh new version much less than that of the 41 swatches in the original texture and I used ddeathflowers palette this time. You still need to go download the Mesh - https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-hair-hairstyles-female/title/maargareth--parallel/id/1319713/ in order to use this retexture.

    I hope you enjoy.


    1. PARALLEL2019.png
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