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Concrete & Stucco Walls! 1.0

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  1. Rachel's Sim Stuff
    Wall Type:
    • Paint
    • Masonry
    I was very much inspired by hvikis to create these after using her black & white concrete/metal walls and wishing they came in more colors. They’re nowhere near as perfect as her versions they turned out quite well I think.

    This is also a response to kawaiiisimmer who asked for a CC list for a previously uploaded preview photo. I said I would create one, but I realised I didn’t save the lot as it was just for a preview. Instead, I decided to try and create something as similar as possible in this one and add a CC list to this (which will be under the download options.) I know it’s not the best build but I was kind of rushing as I was eager to share these!

    And thirdly, I wanted to test out SimFileShare. I think this is an awesome initiative and have so much love & respect for the creators.

    These can be found under paint & under masonry.

    CC List:

    Huge love to all the incredible CC creators out there who make this game enjoyable!
    Used througout: Dot’s Under Cabinet Lighting / KitKat’s OMSP

    Floor 1 (tile)/Painted Brick/Plants : peacemaker-ic
    Floor 2 (wood): historicalsimslife
    Kitchen Counters/Fridge/Clutter: ShinkoKCR
    Floating Kitchen Counters: PlayfulsStudio
    Kitchen Cabinets/Clutter: kiwisims4
    Stovehood: NynaeveDesign
    Hanging Light/Candles : omorfi-mera
    Desk/Kitchen Shelves/Clutter/Desk Chair: Punisa
    Wall shelves/Clutter/Plants: Ung999
    Curtains: Hellen
    Mac Computer/Clutter: ANBS
    Lamp/Clutter: veranka-s4cc
    Computer Chair 2: Sims 4 Luxury
    Wall Art: hvikis / viikiitastuff / myself
    Chalkboards: dreamteamsims
    Plants: mio-sims / lina-cherie / peacemaker-ic / kiwisims4 / marcussims91 / kiwisims4
    Clutter: Sim_man123/ dreamteamsims / puresims / onyx sims / mangosims/ mio-sims /kardofe / imadako / ATS4 / msteaqueen

    This is my first attempt at making a CC list so if I’ve forgotten anything I’m super sorry and will add your credit if you message me!


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