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Women's Conrdrina Dress 1.0

Recolors of EA's DoD Dress

  1. Standardheld
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder
    Clothing Style:
    • Everyday
    • Party
    Clothing Type:
    • Outfits
    I recolored this EA dress some time ago and called it “Catrina Dress” but I wanted just another bunch of patterned recolors. Actually I wanted to name it “Catrina Second” but I mixed up the file name and ... welll I liked it. Hope you’ll like the dress, too!


    • Basegame compatible (make sure your game is up to date!)
    • Female only, teen - leder (some swatches are tagged for teens + yAdults only!)
    • Category: Full outfit (short dress)
    • Categories: Everyday, Party
    • Comes in 53 patterned swatches
    • Standalone
    • Enabled for random


    1. screenA.png
    2. screenB.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. BigUglyHag
    Version: 1.0
    Very cute!! Thank you!