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CS Shaman Potion Station as a Refrigerator Beta.02

WIP (the DST images are blank grey)

  1. BigUglyHag
    • Kitchen & Appliances
    You *must* laugh when you watch the video in the description. Yes, it is required!
    The Castaway Stories Shaman Potion Station as a Refrigerator

    As you can see the bones intersect the sim when he opens the "door".
    "But why do the bones need to open when the Sims can just reach over them?" You ask...... Simple. Haggy thinks it's funny.

    I did place one deco slot over the bowl. It hasn't interfered with the refrigerator at all in my testing.

    08-21-16_8-44-37 AM.png

    08-21-16_8-39-44 AM.png
    The super cute kitties are from Helen.
    And if you look very close, you might find Domi's super cute spider. :p

    Many thanks to siminimonster for taking the time to teach me to add the deco slots!

Recent Reviews

  1. Bodaccia
    Version: Beta.02
    Need more magic stuff for TS4. Fills a need beautifully.
  2. Taty86
    Version: Beta.02
    Wow thank you!