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Custom Food Cakes-With Ingredients 1 2017-01-25

Cakes made from harvestables

  1. Leniad
    • Miscellaneous
    Additional Requirements:
    Requires Custom Food Interactions_v2.2 OR HIGHER.

    It is recommended that you get the highest version available.


    Custom Food Cakes-With Ingredients 1

    Cakes made from harvestables
    Apple Cake, Clementine Cake, Lemon Cake, Orange Raspberry Cake, Panettone

    This Food series is created to reward the Sim gardener, some items require ingredients only found in the home garden. So start planting!

    Download adds the following custom foods to the game.

    Apple Cake poly count 604

    Clementine Cake poly count 604

    Lemon Cake poly count 604

    Orange Raspberry Cake poly count 604

    Panettone (Italian Orange and Nut Christmas Cake) poly count 604

    Oranges and Raspberries are custom fruits made by fellow makers on ModTheSims.

    Cakes - With Ingredients 1

    ---Only Multi Serving Option available

    --- Ingredients required + 15 simoleons flat fee

    Apple Cake (8 apples)

    Clementine Cake (8 oranges)

    Lemon Cake (8 lemons)

    Orange Raspberry Cake (8 oranges + 8 raspberries)

    Panettone (8 oranges)

    ---Cooking skill needed - Level 6

    ---All cakes are Vegetarian Safe

    ---Toddler Compatible (But it will make them hyper from sugar rush)

    ---Available from Custom Food menu (from Custom Food Interaction) - Bake Custom Food

    --- Not Compatible with DineOut.

    Requirement :

    1. Requires Custom Food Interactions_v2 .2 OR HIGHER

    It is recommended that you get the highest version available.

    Made with Game PC Version

    Base Game Compatible

    Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

    Polygon Counts: Same as Base Game White cake






    -Sims 4 studio