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Custom Food Fruit Pies 1 2017-01-24

Need something to do with all that fruit in your garden? Here are helpful and delicious solutions.

  1. Leniad
    • Miscellaneous
    Fruit Pies 1.png

    Download adds the following custom foods to the game.

    Blackberry Pie

    Lemon Curd Pie

    Lemon Meringue Pie

    Orange Dreamsicle Pie

    Fruit Pies 1

    ---Only Multi Serving Option available

    ---Optional Ingredient: none 10 simoleon flat fee

    ---Cooking skill needed - Level 6

    ---Available from Custom Food menu (from Custom Food Interactions),Serve Dessert

    ---Compatible with DineOut. Appears in the restaurant menu under Dessert.

    Requirement :

    1. Requires Custom Food Interactions_v2 OR HIGHER

    It is recommended that you get the highest version available.

    Made with Game PC Version

    Base Game Compatible

    Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

    Polygon Counts: Same as Base Game Apple Pie






    -Sims 4 studio