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Men's David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor V1

The Oncoming Storm

  1. MYOBI
    • Young Adult
    PC Version
    Updated as of 28/01/2016.
    Name: The Doctor
    Portrayed By: David Tennant
    From: NewWho / The Sarah Jane Adventures

    01-28-16_5-55-29 PM.png

    For everyone who was asking about the Tentoo that I use in my game, this is him.

    Please download the two included files and stick them in your Tray folder. When loaded, The Doctor should show up in your gallery.
    The following items aren't necessary for The Doctor to show up in your game, but they will help him look like he does in the preview picture.
    Skin - Me (TSR)
    Eyes - Me (TSR)
    Brows - Me (TSR)
    Lips - Me (TSR)
    Hair - Kijiko
    Suit - Me(Dropbox)

Recent Reviews

  1. Traci
    Version: V1
    David Tennant is one of my favorite Doctors and this sim looks just like him. Awesome job!
    1. MYOBI
      Author's Response
      Oh, thank you! He looks super angry in the preview but in game, with all the stuff, he is much better.