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Men's DCs Superheroes T-Shirts 2016-02-22

The Sims 4, clothes

  1. Vertigo
    • Young Adult
    Clothing Style:
    • Everyday
    Clothing Type:
    • Tops
    Additional Requirements:
    Please get LumiaLoverSims' Cool Kids Tees Here
    I am a super DC Comics geek =]
    I've been in love with DC superheroes since I was a snazzy kid.
    So, I decided to make a collection of DC Comics inspired shirts for my homies
    [​IMG] header.png

    You will need LumiaLoverSims' mesh for this to work!
    Credits to him and his amazing creations <3


    Legends of Tomorrow.png Superman.png Suicide Squad.png The Flash.png Green Lantern.png Justice League.png Green Arrow.png Aquaman.png


    1. superman thumbnail.png
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