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"Double Delight" Shower-Tub Fix 2018-07-16

A little fix to make the bathing options available on Double Delight Bath-Shower combo again.

  1. Crystal-Moore
    Game patch to at least 1.44 is recommended. May or may not work with older versions of the game.
    Preview.png PieMenu.png

    EDIT 7-16-20: Sorry for the lack of updates here. The shower-tub has been fixed a couple of patches ago it seems, so now I deem this mod obsolete. I'll still leave it up for anyone who still playing way older versions of the game, though. :)

    About this “Fix”:

    It’s been so long that I can’t remember whether this tub/shower used to have a bathe option in the past and disappeared after some patch, or it was never available to begin with. Well, it turns out that it was a tuning ID thing. All I did was replace the tuning ID of this tub with the “correct” one, which is “36786″, hence adding the option to take a bath and give a toddler a bath.

    I didn’t think to test this and see if it is available for bathing your pets, though. It should work for pets, however, if it does not, let me know!

    This is a Default Replacement, so it will override the original Double Delight. However, the texture, swatches, and everything else remain untouched. This is a base game object, so no DLC required.

    *Also the “Nap in Bath” option is actually unlocked through a mod by the amazingly talented coolspear! And, yup, it works with the Double Delight as well. Just a little bonus there. ;o)

    Known issues:
    • Like all of the shower-tub combos, the Spa Day options (Muscle Relaxing Soak, Rose Petal Bath, etc.) are not available on this one neither. Soak interactions being available only on regular tubs is probably by design.
    • When you bathe your toddler, it’s like a Poltergeist breaks loose–the shower doors constantly slide open and close constantly for the duration of bathing your toddler. I’m guessing this is an animation thing. But that part, I’m not all that familiar with but I plan to look into it and see if it’s something I could fix as well. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be a dire, game-breaking issue, but to be safe, back-up your TS4 folder. Here’s an example of what I mean about the door thing:
    Talk about a nasty horizontal guillotine.

    Credits and Thank-yous: