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Electronics Building Custom Electronics 1 2017-01-21

Custom Electronics for Electronics Build Table

  1. Leniad
    • Miscellaneous

    Clock – Industrial Wall, Coffee Machine, PC – BLOCK Computer, Stereo – Kaboom Box


    Download adds the following custom electronics to the game.

    Clock – Industrial Wall lvl 1 polycount 108

    Coffee Machine 2 lvl 1 polycount 720

    PC – BLOCK Computer lvl 6 polycount 242

    Stereo – Kaboom Box lvl 3 polycount 278

    Requires ElectronicsBuildTable

    Electronics Building Custom Electronics 1

    ---Available to builder depending on Handiness skill level

    ---not a buy option

    ---All electronics require: Common Upgrade Parts, Electronic Upgrade Parts or both.

    Requirement :

    1. Requires ElectronicsBuildTable

    Made with Game PC Version

    Base Game Compatible

    Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

    Polygon Counts: Same as Base Game electronics



    - Hayran - Idea

    -Sims 4 studio

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Recent Reviews

  1. Akin_
    Version: 2017-01-21
    Just what my Sims needed! Awesome!
  2. BigUglyHag
    Version: 2017-01-21
    amazing work!!! :D