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Enchanting Realistic Eyes 2016-06-20

My Very First Eye Set **(Has Catalog Thumbnail)**

  1. Lovelysimmer100
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    Hello, this is my very first set of eyes!! ◕‿◕ I hope to make more eyes in the future. You can find these eyes in FacePaint. These eyes are not available in Default or Non-Default.
    -Comes in 6 Natural Colors (blue,green,brown, etc.)
    Eye Colors Names:
    Dark Violet (I miss-spelled violet in the picture...whoops) ● Green-Gray ● Pearl Blue ● Slate Blue ● Deep Green-Gray ● Dark Brown ​

    Has a catalog thumbnail should look like this for both male & female ↙↙↙
    Untitled-1 copy.png (Cute Right....◕‿-)


    1. Nice.jpg