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EnticingSims You Better Respect Weight Machine Recolor 2017-08-06

Make Your Workout More Colorful

  1. EnticingSims
    • Miscellaneous
    Required Sims 4 Stuff Pack:
    • Toddler Stuff
    Fitness 3.png
    A couple weeks ago @kiidsneaks requested that I recolor the workout machines that came with the fitness stuff pack. So I bought it (my boyfriend bought it so shout out to him) So, I did!

    • Fitness Stuff Pack REQUIRED
    • 17 Colors (12 Colors + 5 Ombres)
      • Black & White Versions for 32 of each
      • I’m definitely missing two in the picture for treadmills, if you’re an og enticer you know this isn’t unusal.