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Framed memories 1.0

Simblreen gift 2016

  1. Standardheld
    • Decoration
    These were my 2016 Simblreen gifts part 1 and 2 now available for all! Happy Simblreen, happy Halloween!


    • Basegame compatible
    • 6 different frames with motives to both main themes
    • 2 main themes: still life and portraits
      • Still Life Collections: Basketball, Hills ‘n’ trees, Bushy, City Life, City at night, Green as grass, Grass ‘n’ stone, Moonlight, At the lake, Gray streets
      • Portrait Collection includes things like “The Panda”, “The Bob”, “The Goths”, “Party People”, “Kids faces”
    • 6 different frame colors (black, gray, white, dark brown, brown and light brown)
    • Standalone and with own thumbnails
    • All motives are taken from official artwork renders or Broadcast screenshots


    1. framedMemories.png
    2. icon_framedMemories.png
    3. object_framedMemories.png
    4. poBob.png