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Giving Thanks Pose Pack 2018-12-05

A simple couple's posepack for thanksgiving

  1. Wanona Measheaw
    Base Game Compatible
    Additional Requirements:
    Things you will need-

    1.) Teleportation Mod

    2.) Pose Player

    3.) Left Iphone from Inabadromance
    Welcome the “Giving Thanks” pose pack!

    Includes 5 couples poses!

    Please read under the FAQ tab for our TOU


    1. tumblr_pim0jkpnSV1x5l16ho3_540.png
    2. tumblr_pim0jkpnSV1x5l16ho4_540.jpg
    3. tumblr_pim0jkpnSV1x5l16ho5_540.png
    4. tumblr_pim0jkpnSV1x5l16ho6_540.jpg
    5. tumblr_pim0jkpnSV1x5l16ho2_540.jpg