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Men's Gladiolus Amicitia (CC) 7-2-2021

This is the cc version of my Gladio sim.

  1. deathbywesker
    • Young Adult
    Required Sims 4 Game Packs:
    • Outdoor Retreat
    PC: / Mac: (He should still be compatible with future updates.)
    Additional Requirements:
    This version of Gladio is just the same as the other one but with cc. I made this version as light as I possibly could, but still maintaining his appearance. He is basegame compatible, but you'll have to replace the Outdoor Retreat aspiration with different aspiration. No edits have been made to the screen shots other than the cover and some cropping.

    (I have never actually shared my original Gladio sim. The main reasons are because 1. He would still require tons of cc even with only his boxers on. 2. I'm a cc hoarder and sometimes I make personal edits for my use. 3. Also, a good amount of cc that I use may end up lost in time or cease to exist. 4. Some cc may become old and outdated and may run the risk of causing harm to your game or computer. It may still work and run fine for me, but probably won't work out for you. 5. I use tons of sliders and presets, skin detail, and etc.) 6. Overall, I just use a lot of cc.

    (I used an old lower end pc when I updated this sim. So his appearance may slightly differ in your game, but I think you'll only have to readjust his lipstick.)

    Gladio CC List here: simfileshare

    Hugs & ♥'s to these amazing creators:
    Raccoonium, Kijiko, Luumia, xldsims, Golyhawhaw, plazasims, JayBird_TheNerd, & a3ru

    He's also in the gallery if you prefer downloading him that way:
    Gladiolus Amicitia V2 (NO CC) *Skilled*
    Gladiolus Amicitia V2 (LIGHT CC) *Skilled*
    Gladiolus Amicitia (NO CC) *Old version, unskilled*
    Gladiolus Amitia BG (NO CC) *Old Version, unskilled

    *I terminated my tous, and I don't care what you do. You don't have to ask me for my permission for anythhing. ***Buuuuhhht***, please keep anything I make FREE. This includes cc, sims, or anything else I may end up making. My content is and will always be FREE, so please keep it that way. Also, if you like what I do, then please consider supporting my content by downloading my original work. (You'll be seeing a lot up re-uploads of my sims in the Gallery, so use my user ID: death_by_wesker if you want to support me directly on there.) I know I said I don't care what you do, but re-uploads don't really support me, especially if it's just a plain copy and paste and no work done to the sim at all.*

    If there are any issues please let me know.
    *To add him in your game, simply unzip the folder with 7-zip or WinRar and put the tray files into your tray folder.*


    1. 1. Gladio DL.png
    2. 2. Gladio CC CAS.png
    3. 3. Gladio CC IG.png
    4. 4. Gladio CC Wardrobe 1.png
    5. 5. Gladio CC Wardrobe 2.png
    6. 6. Gladio CC Wardrobe 3.png