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Women's Gothic Rouge the Bat shirt 2016-06-13

Gothic Rouge the Bat tank top. Art by me :3

  1. ShadowEatsSkittlez
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    base game shirt recolor. Gothic Rouge the Bat, and the art is by me!! :3 this is the first one i've made with my own art that i am uploading, and i hope you all like it! It's not the best quality because the image is so big, but hey, i tried.
    My art: http://shadoweatsskittlez.deviantart.com/art/If-Rouge-was-Goth-NOW-ON-REDBUBBLE-596933895

    also selling this on Redbubble: http://www.redbubble.com/people/metalkat/works/21250214-gothic-rouge


    1. rougetankfemale.png
    2. rougegoth.jpg