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Grilled Cheese Buffet Table 2016-02-01

Gotta live up to my URL, right?

  1. grilledcheese-aspiration
    • Kitchen & Appliances
    • Miscellaneous
    Required Sims 4 Stuff Pack:
    • Luxury Party Stuff
    Additional Requirements:
    *Not sure if LP SP is needed because slots+interactions were cloned from the Banquetia Plateau Table*
    Things you need to know:

    • The table itself was converted from TS2 but the creator Frenchie @ MTS edited it to serve Grilled Cheese and was my sole inspiration for this massive project.
    • The interaction was cloned from the Luxury Party SP “Banquetia Plateau Table”, so you’ll probably need it - or try it and find out. It won’t hurt your game I know that much.
    • So far only one slot produces the Grilled Cheese Platter, I am working on getting both to function - so the 2nd slot is open for whatever you want until I update it.
    Like I said, recolors/retexture all you want - I’d love to see more variations! Just don’t reupload, claim as your own or include the mesh anywhere please!

    tumblr_o1r5uknJsZ1u5ssqbo7_r1_500.png tumblr_o1r5uknJsZ1u5ssqbo5_500.png tumblr_o1r5uknJsZ1u5ssqbo4_500.png tumblr_o1r5uknJsZ1u5ssqbo6_r1_500.png


    1. tumblr_o1r5uknJsZ1u5ssqbo1_540.png
    2. tumblr_o1r5uknJsZ1u5ssqbo2_540.png
    3. tumblr_o1r5uknJsZ1u5ssqbo3_540.png
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