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Grouch Garage Door Recolors 1

A set of recolors of LindseyxSims's TS3-TS4 Converted Garage Doors

  1. Grouchy Old Sims
    • Outdoor
    • Decoration

    Set of recolors I did of Lindseyxsims's TS3-TS4 converted garage door. The package includes her original white door, as well as the mesh. Including her original white version, there are 34 total swatches.

    All credit for the original mesh goes to EA, and credit for the conversion goes directly to http://lindseyxsims.tumblr.com/

    The garage door is found under paintings, and works as such. Because of this, it will not "dip" down over foundations, so to be flush with the ground, your house needs to have no foundation.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Sasha
    Version: 1
    Very cool!! :)
  2. SMagGeorge
    Version: 1
    Love it! Just what I needed!
  3. Tacha75
    Version: 1
    Finally some Garage doors!!
    1. Grouchy Old Sims
      Author's Response
      Everyone needs Garage Doors!