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Happy Couple Pose!! 2017-04-21

Perfect pose for perfect couple ;)

  1. rbarkah
    PC Version / Mac Version
    04-20-17_9-50-11 AM.png

    5 poses for Male

    5 poses for Female

    Only need 2 Teleporter on the same spot

    You need Andrew Pose Player and Scubumbo Teleport Any Sim to use this pose :)


    • Do not claim it as your own
    • Do not re-pose without permission
    • Do not re-upload
    Please follow my Tumblr http://iamsimmerb.tumblr.com/ and my Origin ID: rbarkah to support me for making a CC xD and im really sure i’ll follow you back ;)

    If u have any advice or criticize or maybe want to correct something, please let me know! Thank you!!