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Harvestable Banana Plant 2017-03-27

Adds a custom Harvestable Banana plant to the game.

  1. Leniad
    BananaPost.jpg The EA choice to include plantains instead of bananas in English has annoyed me a long time. Plantains (Banana Verde) and bananas (Banana Aqua) may look alike, but they are VERY different. Plantains are hard, dry and starchy like a potato, while bananas are sweet and soft. So, I made clones of plantain, both fruit and plant, and renamed them. Upcoming dessert recipes will use bananas, not plantains.

    ---The Banana plant produces Bananas which can be harvested
    --- Bananas are tagged as fruits.
    --- Bananas can be used as a cooking ingredient in any recipe which requires fruit (Custom Banana recipes to come later)
    ---Can be planted like any other fruit

    ---The Banana appears in catalog under Decoration/Plants 16 simoleons

    Requirement : Base game compatible

    Made with Game PC Version

    Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

    Polygon Counts:
    Banana Plant 850

    Banana fruit 218


    -Sims 4 studio
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