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How to Accept Donations

It's easier than you might think.

  1. SMagGeorge
    SimsWorkshop now supports a PayPal donation system for all creators. This guide will show you how to make both new and existing resources compatible with the system.

    For new resources

    When you are in the process of uploading your resource, just remember to put your PayPal email in the Donations address box.

    For existing resources

    Each resource has to be edited to make it compatible with PayPal donations. To do so, go to the resource's page and click Edit at the bottom.


    Then, as we did for new resources, enter your PayPal email and then press Save.


    Your uploads now have a donate button! When people click Download, they will be prompted to either donate to you, or to just download the file.

    Remember: SimsWorkshop takes 0% of what you get via donations. Happy creating!
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Recent Reviews

  1. KitOnlyHuman
    It's such an easy change to my creations! Thank you for the guide.