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How to Upload Custom Content to Resource Center

Step by step guide on how to upload and leverage the resource center

  1. What should I do if I do not see a category that best fits my piece of custom content?

    Please immediately open a request with me and we will try to push it out during the next update to the resource center.

  2. May I submit older custom content?

    Yes you may! We welcome all submissions.

  3. I'm exceeding the 32MB limit. What should I do?

    We are presently limiting files to 32MB as a part of the initial quality control. We will definitely raise it as the need arises.

    If your file is over 32MB, please engage an administrator to have the file reviewed and they will upload it.

  4. May I ask for donations?

    Yes you may. Feel free to add a Donate link to your description and link it to PayPal or your preferred payment service.

    Please be respectful and tasteful on your request.

  5. Do I need an invitation to post custom content or mods on the Workshop?

    No invitation is needed! Feel free to share as little or as much custom content or mods as you would like to! We hope you will call SimsWorkshop home.