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How to Upload Larger Files onto the Workshop

Granting exceptions for files larger than 32MB

  1. Josh
    SimsWorkshop presently limits the file size of uploads to 32MB because we want to increase the amount of visibility and exposure for an artist.


    During our planning period for SimsWorkshop, we realized there are far and few pieces of custom content that would actually hit the 32MB threshold. The custom content pieces we found that actually did exceed that 32MB limit were individual pieces that, in our own personal opinions, could possibly separated out into individual items.

    By separating unique items, it enables us to feature all the items more prominently on SimsWorkshop, social media, and beyond.

    This does not however mean that individual recolor items should be separated out. Recolors of the exact same item being uploaded onto the Workshop are not considered unique.


    If there are pieces of custom content you would like uploaded that exceeds the 32MB limit, please message an administrator for the custom content to be reviewed.

    Our criteria for whether granting the exceptions are as followed:
    1. Are the items part of a collection or set?
    2. If it is part of a set, can the set be broken up into smaller pieces?
    3. If the set is broken to smaller pieces, is it detrimental to experience?
    A great example would be an set of objects.

    By breaking the pieces out individually, we would ask "would it look strange just to have a single item of the entire set?" It depends.

    There will be instances that when one downloads just a single item out of whole collection it looks strange and odd. When that happens, exceptions would be granted.

    We of course will be revisiting this approach constantly.
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