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Ice Skating Pose Set - CAS (Creative Trait) & Pose Pack 2016-02-02

14 poses with Ice Skate

  1. ConceptDesign97
    PC & Mac
    Additional Requirements:
    You need the Pose player to see it in game : http://sims4studio.com/thread/2617/andrews-studio
    Use free personal
    Set of 14 Model Poses - Adult & Child

    Overview.png Adult.png Child.png


    IN CAS
    Choose "Creative trait"


    Pose by name
    Name code : "a_CAS_trait_active_x"
    Pose Pack (2 versions)
    Title : "[CD97]Ice Skating Model Pose Set (Adult)" & "[CD97]Ice Skating Model Pose Set (Child)"

    *Version 2 - ajusted for rink (by inabadromance)
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